Interpretation & translation services

At Nitsan Global we offer many interpretation and translation services. We specialize in corporate translations including interpreting, multilingual translation and transcription.

We understand that running multilingual projects is not easy thing to do. You need to find the right competent people to work with and supervise them while still managing the rest of the tasks. Loads of additional work and responsibilities! Hence at Nitsan Global Limited we provide you with wide range of services and products to help you with running the multilingual projects. It is extremely important for us to minimize all hassle associated with handling multilingual assignments. Therefore we will assist you from the beginning until the very end! While we do our job, you can count on our professional team and focus on more important things!

We ensure total accuracy in all of our interpretations and translations with help of our experienced, qualified and knowledgeable translators and linguists. At the moment we specialize in European and Asian Languages. However we are still developing the range of our services and constantly adding new languages to our Language Portfolio!

For more information check our current Language Portfolio

What you can expect from us:

We provide professional and reliable interpretation services.

Our offer covers translation services along with editing help covering many languages from entire world (we are continuously developing our portfolio!).

We provide interpreters for Legal, Leisure, Social, Personal and Professional work.

For Advertising companies we also provide editing help in editing of foreign languages onsite or offsite.

We are able to deliver expert and confident interviewers for certain occasions even on very short notice e.g. when our client needs an interviewer of particular language. 

Our interviewers are camera friendly so they deliver best performance in video shoots.

Our Interpreting Services

Consecutive interpreting 

Consecutive interpreting is often done in courtrooms, business meetings and conferences. The job of interpreter is to relay information, when speaker pauses after a segment of speech.

Ad hoc interpreting 

Used in less formal situations where a conversation is taking place between just two people. This is also known as "liaison interpreting" for example solicitors' appointments, hospital visits or small business meetings.

③ Telephone interpreting

Can be done by having an interpreter on speaker phone or by dialing into a conference call. Telephone interpreting is consecutive interpreting over the telephone.

Chuchotage interpreting 

Known also as whispered interpreting and  it is best for short speeches. It is mostly used when an interpreter sits besides one or two target audience members at a conference or meeting. The interpreter's job is to whispers the target language simultaneously or consecutively.

⑤ Simultaneous interpreting

Done by a team of two or three interpreters who listen to the speech through a headset whilst sat in a soundproof booth. This is used when the source language is rendered into the target language with only a two or three second delay.

Our Translating Services

① Document Translation

Covers all types of document ranging from press releases, contracts, marketing materials, datasheets, technical specs to softwares.

② DTP - Desktop Editing

We provide translations of marketing material, press releases, power point presentation etc. while maintaining the layout, format and appearance.

③ Proofreading

Proofreading covers everything from short texts to entire websites etc. A professional translator is assigned to proofread your texts for grammatical errors as well as correct language usage.

④ Website Translation

We also offer translation services for websites. We can help you translating your website from the wide range of local languages into English. Simple formula: having a website in many languages gives you a good chance to hit the international market!

Our Current Language Portfolio

At the moment we cover all of the European languages and most of the Asian languages focusing particularly on Indian languages. To know our full offer, please download our current Language Portfolio:  NGL I&T Languages 2017

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