Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

At Nitsan Global we offer a wide range of business consultancy services including advice and guidance for new starters and self-employed interested in registering their business. We also help in growth of existing companies. 

We understand, that starting up new business is a hard work. At the beginning you can feel lost not knowing where and how to start. Do not worry! Think that every businessman started from the same page that you are on! And moreover - now you found us! We will help you to kick off with your business! We will give you a hand with administrative work related to registering a new company. We will also design your business essentials and put your business online! Simply we will assist you with entering the market!

Maybe you already have an existing company? Do you want to develop your business and reach to the next level, but you do not know where to begin? You found a perfect place to find it out! The rule of every business says:

there is always a way to increase company’s turnover and profit 

We know that very well and we will help you to find it out! Thanks to our knowledge and business skills we will grow your business much more efficiently!

For New Starter

  • We provide starting up help, guidance and full consultation about which sector or market, or product to include in your business.

  • We prepare all your business essentials - web presence, business cards, letterheads, invoices etc.

  • We provide service for registering you as self employed or registering your business as a limited company.


For New Starter &/or Established Business:

  • Business Essentials

We will take care of all business essentials like letterheads, business cards, invoicesmarketing material e.g. flyers, stickers, printed T-shirts and caps and other material, domain name registration, website designing, logo designing etc.

  • New Product Launch

Consultation and/or full service for the launch of a new product. We also provide direct sales services through B to B and B to C models to boost your revenue generation or simply for the purpose of setting up of a new product in the market.

  • Cost Minimisation Services

We help in decreasing extra costs incurred in your business without affecting the current growth by providing alternative suggestions through our exclusive business models. 


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