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Dec 2017
Running your own business requires strong self-control and self-motivation. There is nobody to assign tasks to you, there are no deadlines imposed in advance and you need to take care of everything by your own. How to organize your work to make every day count on the way leading straight to the success? Effective time management is a decisive factor here!

Organize your work station

The results of studies show that people working on a disordered desk lose an average of one and a half hours daily. They distract their attention with unnecessary things lying on the desk and searching for items. Weekly it is up to 7.5 hours, what makes almost the entire work day!

Before starting work, make sure that your work place is neat and tidy. The most important materials should be arranged, so you won't waste time looking for them. All it takes is 15 minutes daily job to clean up your working space and it will pay you back 7.5 extra hours a week!

Prioritize your tasks

The ability to choose what to do and in what order is appreciated by the employers. It also plays a decisive role in managing your own business. It may be helpful to create daily, weekly and monthly lists of tasks to do. We can also mark the most important tasks on the list by using the "ABC" method. This allows visualizing the goal and specific steps leading to it. Thanks to this, we have a sense of logical and organized actions which helps to avoid stress of forgetting something important.

Moreover, it is good to do the most important tasks in the morning, when our mind is fresh and full of enthusiasm. By this way, we manage to do the things faster and more efficiently. In turn, the easiest tasks should be done at the end of the day as they require less concentration and energy.

Focus on one thing at a time

According to the researchers multitasking is a myth. Focusing on many things at once significantly reduces our efficiency, because human mind can focus only on one thing at a time

The greatest efficiency can be achieved only by focusing on one task at a time. When you give it full attention, you will accomplish it much faster. While working on one task if any other idea comes to your mind, simply save it up on a piece of paper for later execution.

Write down your thoughts

The human mind acts like a computer. Storing all information in RAM memory instead of hard drive results in lower efficiency and system hang-up. The human mind works exactly the same way – goals and tasks which exist only in our head cause a loss of energy. Save them up on a piece of paper and clear up your mind. It will significantly increase your efficiency and allow you to concentrate on the most important thing - accomplishing your tasks and goals!

Always carry your own hard drive with you - it can be a simple notebook or loose piece of paper, ore even your phone! Write down any new ideas that come to your mind and consider them later. Owing to this rule, your mind will always be clear and at the same time no thought will slip out of your mind.

Never postpone important things for later!

Unfortunately, it never helps. No matter what - we have to deal with difficult tasks and issues anyway. By postponing them, we can only worse things up and cause unnecessary stress.

The Pareto Principle

The common mistake is to plan too many tasks to do in a short time. As a result you may find yourself unable to complete your daily tasks. In such situation The Pareto Principle may be very helpful. It is also known as 80/20 rule and says that only 20% of the activities we do, affect 80% of the outcome we receive. So if for example you do 10 tasks during the day, only 2 of them will be actually important. It is worth knowing how to recognize the most important tasks on our list and eliminate the least important ones. The day has only 24 hours and even the best self-management systems in time will not help to stretch it!

Pass on your tasks and duties

This rule may not apply to you if you are just starting your new business or working as a self-employed.

However, when your business is continuously developing, sooner or later you may not be able to handle everything alone anymore. Then you will need to delegate some of your tasks and duties to the other people. It also involves monitoring their pace of work and progress in tasks' performance. In the long run, it's worth the trouble as the work efficiency will increase, goals will be achieved faster and the overall results will be better.

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