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Nov 2017
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Our world has changed a lot, times are also different. The same is with the labour market. Today working in a single company for whole life is a rarity. People like to look for new opportunities and better ways to meet their needs. Therefore do not wait for the implementation of your business ideas. Do you want to change your current job which does not satisfy? You’ve just finished your studies and looking for new opportunities? Every moment is good to start with your own business. What is necessary, you need to see your own business and make a decision at the right time. Age and career stage do not matter!

However, there are many questions to ask. How to start? How much money do I need? What if my idea is not good enough?

From the beginning you need to remember that Rome was not built in a day. Every businessman starts from the same page that you are on. What distinguishes successful people from dreamers is they do not give up even if not everything is running smoothly. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ray Kroc – they all believed that one day their ideas will succeed.

How to start your business? Below you have a few ideas selected by me which can help you to kick off with your own business.

1. Set up your own online store and/or sell on E-bay

With the advent of e-commerce as a powerful force in retail, the dream of running your own online store has never been easier and more achievable. However, the first thing which needs to be done here is a little of market research. You need to decide on what will be the subject of the sale: 24h flower delivery shop, unique oriental jewellery or natural cosmetics which you couldn’t find in any other online store.  When you decide on that, next step is to create your website. Choose a nice domain name and hosting with some good hosting provider like GoDaddy or SiteGround. Last but not least you need to choose a platform for your online store. For e-commerce the most recommended ones are the following:

  • Shopify – hassle-free solution where you just login and start selling
  • WordPress + WooCommerce - because of the flexibility it offers 

Set up your store with nice template and think about the marketing opportunities.

2. Become a freelancer

If you have programming or graphics skills, if you know website design, then you probably already know that many of your services can be found on the Internet and remotely performed at your chosen time of day and night. What if you do not have such specialized skills? Do not worry, it is enough if you know any foreign language and you show a bit of self-denial. You can try your best to be a copywriter, writing texts on available assignments which you can find online.

3. Set up a blog about your passion or field you feel strong about

What can be better than making money on your passion or something you are already good at? Everybody has their own hobbies. You like reading books? Great, start writing the reviews of the ones you have read recently and put them online. You know everything about the care of your garden? Perfect, share your knowledge with the masses.

Perhaps earnings on such a blog will not come quickly, but it will allow you to test your selfishness and practice on doing something creative beyond the monotony of ordinary everyday work.

4. Create a website or blog under Ad Sense ads

It seems pleasant and simple, isn’t it? You can create a site in a niche with interesting content that will attract visitors, and you will earn money on every click on your visitor's ad. Of course, this method requires time and knowledge, and this often does not guarantee success.

* * *

Bear in mind that these are not the only ways to get started. As you gradually increase your knowledge of how to make money online, you will also find other, perhaps more relevant ones. The most important thing is to strive for your goal and overcome your weakness while developing. Focus on the projects that you have already begun, rather than getting distracted by new ideas.

Remember, success cannot be taken for granted. You need to still keep an eye on your competitors, taking best from them and applying good solutions with elimination of spotted weaknesses. Always learn more, develop and do not lose the motivation. Be industrious and open-minded for new solutions which can improve your business.

And always remember, business is about acting!

* * *

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